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Youtube Over Other More Traditional

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Youtube Over Other More Traditional

Advertising media is its wide segmentation capacity. Therefore, the maximum profitability when placing ads on the platform is achieved by attending to the segmentation criteria established by the platform itself. YouTube offers you the possibility of adjusting a budget, guaranteeing that the ads will be viewed by users who are really likely to become customers of your brand (the target audience we are looking for). This means that, regardless of the capital you need to invest, your return on investment will always

Be higher than what you can get through more traditional advertising media. Keep in mind that you will only have to pay when a user clicks on the ad or, in the case of True View in stream advertising, you Colombia phone numbers pay if the content receives a minimum viewing time. But how much does it cost to advertise on YouTube and how does advertising on this platform actually work? How much does it cost to advertise on YouTube? Many brands dismiss the idea of ​​advertising on YouTube because they start with the idea that it will be very expensive as well as being part of a very complicated process.

The First Thing You Have To Be Clear

about is that there are many payment methods on YouTube. Which makes it quite accessible depending on the needs and budget you have, making the project viable for our company. The different modalities that YouTube offers to advertise on its site are: Price per click (PPC): In this mode, YouTube will be based on a bidding system that increases or decreases the cost price depending on the level of competition of the chosen keyword. In other words, depending on how many times the keyword of our ad is consulted and how much impact it has on our ad,

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YouTube will establish one price or another, which will range between 0.01 and 0.30 euros, which we will only pay if the user, after seeing advertising, you click on our website. Cost per click (CPC): With this modality, YouTube values ​​the budget that you establish for the advertising campaign. Based on this, establish the cost for them that your users click on your website after seeing the ad. Based on this, the platform will charge us one amount of money or another.

The Prices Will Vary Depending

on the budget that we have initially deposited. Cost per thousand impressions (CPM): This is the modality that is most difficult for users to know if it is profitable or. Since you will only pay when your ad seen a thousand times. Regardless of whether your website or not. In this bidding system, our brand will put an amount of money that by. YouTube when our ad shown a thousand times to different users. Cost per view (CPV): In this case, you will pay each time a user views your entire ad. In many cases, if they are 30-second ads, the user will have the option to “skip ad”,

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