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You Have Probably Heard

The sales cycle or process but you do not know very well what it is, what are the steps it follows or how you could accelerate your own sales cycle. If you are also one of them, but instead you would like to improve yours and speed it up, read on! What is the sales cycle? The sales cycle could be summarized as the process a company goes through from capturing the attention of a user (lead) to closing the sale with them. The sales cycle also includes the post-sale phase in which we must continue with the user, helping them feel satisfied with us and thus achieve loyalty.

The term is defined as a cycle because it never ends, at the moment we reach the end, at the post-sale phase, we start a new sale again. The process is cyclical and therefore we must be permanently Guatemala phone numbers in it with our company. This process, when we represent it graphically, has the shape of a funnel, since as it progresses, not all potential clients become real buyers. Once we make our sales funnel, we will obtain many advantages from it for our brand, such as

We Will Obtain A Highly Qualified Lead

this means that once gone through the entire process of our sales funnel. The final customer that we will obtain will be one. That is very of our brand and of the services and products that we can offer. So we it will be very easy to get a purchase from you. The effectiveness of our sales will increase: although you have to have an initial marketing cost. That you did not count on when creating the funnel, later it will be easier to get sales. So the costs since there will be many purchases plus. The process of obtaining clients is:

Guatemala Phone Number

this means that for each sale it will not be necessary to monitor the client manually, but by creating the marketing funnel (sales funnel) this entire process and there will be no process of attrition in the sales of our brand. What you also achieve with this type of funnel is that although at first there may be an economic effort to carry it out, from a more global point of view you manage to lower costs at the level of customer acquisition . What you end up getting is a constant source of new customers and in a much simpler way.

To Establish Our Sales Cycle It Is Important

to first have some basis on other knowledge. These are TOFU, MOFU AND BOFU. Do they ring a bell? Let’s see them in detail. Each of these concepts will correspond to one of the phases of the sales cycle. They are terms in English that refer to what would be above the funnel (TOFU), in the middle (MOFU) and at the end (BOFU). In Spanish they would refer to the stages of attraction, decision, and purchase. TOFU – This will be the peak of our sales cycle. It refers to the first stage of the sale, the attraction phase.

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