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You can transfer money for free from your mobile phone using the UK Faster Payments Networ

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You can transfer money for free from your mobile phone using the UK Faster Payments Networ

Free international money transfers

  • Accident, sickness or involuntary unemployment protection insurance up to £1,800
  • You will receive £30 a day for up to 50 days in hospital
  • Purchase protection covers up to £4,000 per claim, £180 per annum for purchases made within the last 10,000 days
  • free premium card
  • Free card change
  • You can withdraw up to £1,500 per month for free
  • Priority Customer Support

Other Monese Features

We’ve briefly covered Monese Pots, so let’s dig a little deeper — along with one or two other MONE features:

Plant pots and other savings features

Personal and business account holders can deposit money into ten separate Monese money pots. For example, say you want to save for a vacation or a specific project; you can:

  • Put money in your pot anytime
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Aggregate trades so that Monese sends the difference to your pot. 

In addition, Monese has partnered with Raisin, one of the most successful fintech companies in Europe. Raisin connects you with multiple banks that offer deposit-protected savings accounts with competitive rates.

However, your options are somewhat limited List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers regarding other money-making options. For example, you cannot use Monese for cryptocurrency or any gambling scenario.

invite and earn

You can refer up to 15 friends to Monese and earn £30 per friend (up to £450) if they open an account. You receive the first £20 when your friend orders their card, and when they spend £10 on a card transaction or transfer that amount outside the EEA (European Economic Area) or EU £500 remaining. 

List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers

payment method

You can transfer money for free from your mobile phone using the UK Faster Payments Network. You can also set up a direct debit and recurring payments through the mobile app. If you don’t have enough money to cover these costs, Monese will let you know. 

Monese will send you a notification when your payment goes through. This includes international transactions.

Generally, the fees for international money transfers are lower than traditional banks.

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