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would like to approach this post from two perspectives

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would like to approach this post from two perspectives

Today more than ever Webinars and video conferences Construction Email Address . Are events that allow you to create meetings give training and generate . Meetings in a enjoyable and direct way. But they are also a format that ​. Helps you generate a direct link with your audience.But one of the biggest advantages of the Webinar is its interactive . Format that allows you to create and . Record meetings from different points and share by . Email and different social channels.I would like to approach this post from two perspectives: the first from my experience using or webinars as well as an organizer. And the second to tell about my experience as a guest in in which . I have participated and from which I have learned a lot.

the first from my experience using videoconferences or webinars, as well as an

It also a format that has allowed us to create video construction Email Address . Video calls and team meetings during confinement. It has allowed us to record the most important moments and . Organize the content as we explained in . This article about the confinement of teachers and students of . As the organizer of several video conferences . I can tell you about my experience in our online courses of the . Master in Digital Marketing at CM . For which we have created an online format that we adapt . To each course in a different and personalized way . Let me explain: for our online courses, we teach live classes every week via streaming . This helps us to strengthen the level of knowledge and the use of each course and gives students the opportunity to ask questions and participate live .

And the second, to tell about my experience as a guest in

Student Mobile List I this way, the students of the n course the course and the online course and the . Digital Content Design course , connect to their classes every week, live in webinar or format.The webinar helps us to generate a high degree of. Participation and bonding with students individually and in groups. allow us to create a direct channel of dialogue . Which helps to improve the apprehension of the contents. In short a better use of the course and its contents.But let’s start by defining what a webinar is : Webinar (or webinar) is an event of a didactic educational or training nature that takes place online and live. They are usually short talks or discussions, which helps to keep audience interest high.

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