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Within The Seo Positioning

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Within The Seo Positioning

In which we can work to improve the situation of our website, we find two aspects on which we must focus. On the one hand we have SEO off page and on the other, SEO on page. Each of them will work with different characteristics, with the tools that each of them requires. As we already know, SEO is a series of strategies and tools that ensure that our website has a good organic positioning in search engines, such as Google . It does this thanks to improving both internal and external aspects that lead to our company’s website.

Being well in search engines helps other users find our products and services during their internet searches, and thus get Bahamas phone numbers know us and become customers of our brand. As we mentioned at the beginning, when we decide to work on SEO positioning, we must review many aspects, as well as improve and correct whenever necessary. Therefore, it is important to know what aspects correspond to each type of SEO of the two that we have discussed in order to use the appropriate tools. In this way, we will act in the most optimal way to work with each of them.

On The One Hand, We Find The Seo Off Page

According to its direct translation from English, it is the one that is in charge of the “off-page” aspects. What does this mean? Well, it is simpler than it seems. Off-page SEO tries to discover what aspects influence the positioning of our website externally. That is, what aspects are positively or negatively affecting our website. For example, having a high number of negative reviews will cause our content to not show up at the top of search results. Or, on the contrary, if our web page is being linked many times with quality content, our positioning on the Internet will be favored and will influence the authority with which our web page is seen on the Internet.

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If you are interested in learning more about off-page SEO, you can consult our post here developing its main characteristics. On the other hand, we have SEO on page, which we are going to focus on throughout this post. The SEO on page is based on the aspects that we can control and work from our company directly. For example, some of these aspects could be, as we have already mentioned: the loading speed of our main page, the level of optimization of the images, if there are a large number of duplicate or repeated elements. etc. In other words, on-page SEO analysis, as its name suggests, is about knowing the factors that are affecting internally and on which we can act directly.

What Is Seo On Page?

As we have just commented, onpage SEO involves improving the internal aspects of our website so that it better organically. This will directly influence our appearance in the main search engines, more specifically, among the first positions in search results. The aspects on which SEO on page focuses, and on which we can work to improve our brand’s website, are: Keywords or keywords : This aspect is one of the fundamental ones in which we must work to have a good SEO positioning. It is important to choose the right keywords that fit with our brand message and what we are looking to sell through our website

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