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why should marketers pay attention to this technology? Share on facebook Share on LinkedIn Share on whatsapp Share on pinterest


This concept, as explained by Event Planner Email List Marketing Land , refers to platforms, also known as DAMs that consist of software programs Event Planner Email List that store, organize and enable a more efficient use of the entire library of digital assets Event Planner Email List that an organization has. A Digital Asset Management is a single source where Event Planner Email List marketers can find every relevant version of the media assets they have created for brands, from images, through PDFs, photographs, audios, videos and even elements of virtual reality or other Event Planner Email List innovative formats that exist now.

 Event Planner Email List

Among its advantages, it student mobile list highlights that its use is leading brands to change towards a marketing model more focused on customers, which requires personalized Event Planner Email List content to be delivered to a wide variety of meeting points with customers, in essence it facilitates this approach. .DAMs also help cover leaks like duplication of efforts in media creation, time wasted searching for creative assets, and the inevitable miscommunication between geographically Event Planner Email List diverse teams that are collaborating virtually. As if that were not enough, these systems can also help eliminate costly errors in compliance with brand guidelines and rights management.

As an added benefit is that these assets are Event Planner Email List aggregated with metadata that can provide information about anything the marketer wants to know before using the asset, such as whether the company has permanent rights to use a photograph (and in what markets), if the Legal team approved a video and whether an infographic or other whitepaper was reviewed to make sure it meets the brand’s design standards. Finally, it highlights that they are being widely appreciated by CMOs because their analytical capabilities allow them to track the Event Planner Email List use, and therefore the return on investment, of creative assets, which allows optimizing and improving efficiency in the future.

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