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Why Relationship Marketing

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Why Relationship Marketing

by Cristian Amaral in December 30. 2021Categoriestags 3 0 0 retrospective-2021-k2 In what will be the last blog post published in 2021. we decided to change the game. Instead of bringing another text on trends and best practices in online audiovisual and digital marketing – to join the other 52 published this year -. we decided to bring an account of what happened with K2. in 2021. A retrospective in condensed format. If we were to summarize the year in a few words. we would present the following sum: Volume of work + seriousness + attentive look + gratitude for the experiences lived (in equal doses). This was a year

of growth both for our Poland Phone Number products (especially the K2.Webinar . Zoom Webinar and Zoom Meetings tools ) and for our services (such as our online communication arm ). Throughout 2021. we have crystallized the certainty that technologies change daily. but consistency and respect for the company’s vision. mission and values must remain unshakable. Thus. the study and update on emerging technologies kept us in constant movement. at the same time that the fortress built around what we believe

Provided the Safehaven. The

opportunities. Next. we will show you the results achieved by K2’s digital presence. in the audio and video market for the internet and a successful case of our online communication team. K2’s digital presence. The K2 website. It is the main exhibition point for our products and services. Incoming traffic originated in two main ways: Paid (via ads on social networks and Google) and organic (via searches on search engines . without paying for the exposure of content). By consistently generating content via blog (holy.

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one new article per week for the last 5 years). we have achieved interesting organic results : More than 2. 300 backlinks (links pointed from other domains to our website/blog pages). 2.3K organic traffic volume from browser searches. 31 keywords ranked on the first page of Google results. The contents of the blog. as well as those related to products and services. are published on our profiles on social networks . thus increasing their reach. In the area of paid traffic . our ads – both on social networks and on Google –

Where We Always Return in Moments of Doubts. Difficulties or

display useful information for the public profile that is looking for the best ways to meet their needs. In this way. the digital presence of K2. gains authority in the virtual environment with each passing day. by presenting relevant content both to people who are actively looking for information and to those who are impacted by our ads. K2 tools. Among the tools offered by K2. in 2021. K2.Webinar . Zoom Webinar and Zoom Meetings were the ones that had the biggest growth in the number of subscriptions. Know a little

about each one. K2.Webinar is a versatile tool for holding live or recorded events. both for meetings/lectures/training of employees and for launching new products or services. With K2.Webinar. our customers hold events restricted to their employees or open to the public. in a safe. stable and uncomplicated way. Zoom Webinar drives the marketing of products and services through real-time webinars. In addition. you can use the tool to hold meetings and corporate events online. reaching more participants and reducing costs. The tool has multimedia resources to arouse public interest and create

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