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Why buy an iPhone 6 if it costs the same as a computer?

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Why buy an iPhone 6 if it costs the same as a computer?

An indisputable fact is that every day, mobile technology significantly displaces the traditional internet connection from the desktop. According to the latest InMobi report , 61 percent of internet connections are established from this class of devices, while Nielsen points out that 84 percent of users use their smartphones and tablets as second screens.

However, thanks to the gradual increases in the costs of this type of technology, there has come a time in history when purchasing a desktop computer – completely new and of advanced models – is cheaper than buying a smartphone. Such is the case of the Apple brand and the Cyprus Phone Number List launch of its new equipment in Mexico . For this California-based company, criticism of its teams on social networks for lacking innovations, fragile structure or faulty operating system , were not sufficient factors to lower the price, since -in Mexico- the initial cost of an iPhone device 6 will be 10 thousand 999 pesos .

Taking into account that this is the simplest phone of the prestigious apple brand, we can make some comparisons with 3 computer models, different from each other and not at all conventional:

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Once we analyze the images of these brands and their portable products, highly functional and -in some cases- with savings that would be enough to pay for a new smartphone, the question is, why buy an iPhone 6 if it is more practical, functional and economical buy a desktop computer?

The answer -as always- lies in the consumer experience: Apple has been characterized as a brand that, beyond technology, offers its customers the illusion of an experience, hardly comparable with any other brand in the sector. And it is said ‘illusion’ since the equipment does not Brother Cell Phone List differ (in essence) with those of its direct competitors – call it Samsung or Motorola-. The success of the brand has been to create the feeling that the user is wearing the most advanced piece of technology on the planet. That is the secret of why the company entered a negative curve after the #Bendgate scandal and why a culture suddenly emerged towards the destruction of this equipment on digital platforms.

The era of innovation seems to have come to an end, especially considering that Apple’s greatest advance in 2014 was reducing a few millimeters less and incorporating an improved camera on its phones. The latter is – perhaps – the maximum argument to start considering other types of more conscientious purchase options.

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