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Who is the analyst and who is the analyst?

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Who is the analyst and who is the analyst?

Data analyst (BI) seems like a weird and twisted job. The school recruits students who want to enter the Internet but can’t write code, what should I do? Try a data analyst.

But almost everyone will ask [what does a data analyst usually do] in the rhetorical question. TOP persuaded to quit the post, but no matter whether the school recruiting agency recruited resumes, they could not get a face-to-face Saudi Arabia Mobile Number interview. Even the analyst himself will repeatedly jump between the two states that the business is following my command and that I am really garbage, and it is not even clear whether the position is technical or non-technical.

McKinsey’s seven-step method tells us to define the problem before we can solve the problem, so we will focus on the proposition [what is a data analyst] first, and then further discuss [what kind of ability a data analyst needs] based on the conclusion of the above proposition. This article does not talk about the analysis method, nor the specific business.

 Introduction: Counting sheep

After a frantic operation, Saudi Arabia Mobile Number Zhang San concluded: You have a total of 1,583 sheep, including 228 rams, 112 lambs, and 1,243 ewes.

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The above examples are not uncommon in the daily work of analysts. Zhang Sankuang diligently broadcasts KPI indicators to the business every day, lest there be a mistake in the data, and suffers from the torture of the soul of the business data every day and feels that he is not far from being crazy; Zhang Ergou has classified users based on statistics and attached them. Vivid, unclear names (eg. Taurus, Thin Dog), and then being asked by the business force [I know all about it, then what? ], and was dissed by the boss at the same time [the data conclusion only has descriptions, no suggestions, and cannot be implemented], and I feel disheartened and feel like a dog who can’t find the way home.

Only Zhang Dabing, because of his [useful] suggestions, gained a lot of business and the boss’s star eyes, and enjoyed the treatment of likes in the group + weekly report praise. At the same time, he used his own analysis conclusions to draw a fragrant cake for the business and analysis team.

 Preliminary Definition

Through the sheep farming business, we can try to define a preliminary definition for analysts: data analysts are based on the understanding of the internal and external environment of the business, through data collection, statistics, and analysis, to put forward practical suggestions for the business, and promote the implementation of the application. A position where the business obtains commercial gain.

By definition, obtaining accurate data is the cornerstone; statistics and analysis are the means; making recommendations and obtaining business benefits is the ultimate goal. The role of an analyst is not just to count sheep, nor just to describe phenomena, but to clarify the purpose, use data arguments to think about business, and provide meaningful judgments and effective suggestions.

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