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Who has visited more than 500 hostels in taiwan, pointed out that in recent years, many young people have abandoned their jobs

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Who has visited more than 500 hostels in taiwan, pointed out that in recent years, many young people have abandoned their jobs

put forward her observations from the problems and demands encountered by homestay operators in the market. She, who has visited more than 500 hostels in taiwan, pointed out that in recent years, many young people have abandoned their jobs and returned to their hometowns, renovating old houses to run homestays, or promoting small trips in the area, all because they want more people to know their hometown and experience a deeper taiwan. . For example, there is an owner in yancheng, kaohsiung, who gave up his original financial job with an annual salary of one million, and returned to his hometown to renovate his grandmother’s bridal dress shop as a hotel, and won the first prize of the second ada new architecture award, which attracted cnn to report; a young artist who returned to his hometown of tainan after studying in the art institute in new york, renovated the old us military dormitory, and operated an art gallery hotel that combines art exhibitions and restaurants to realize the dream of art taking root in the community.


But also invites community parents and children

to come and experience, Qatar Phone Number and continue the vitality of the old house with more space. Yanshuiqiao south old street by pbdragonwang – own work, creative commons attribution-share alike 3.0 , link obstacles to the application of laws and regulations affect the development of new travel and innovation “These youth hotel owners who have returned to their hometowns operate with such care and creativity, but none of their hotels are legal.” wen mingxiu emphasized that taiwanese homestays and hotels have generally encountered regulations related to the establishment of areas and construction management from homestay management measures. Restrictions, echoing the feedback from hotel operators during the conference. For example, urban areas can provide rich cultural and cultural resources for b&bs and youth hostels that are deeply involved in experience and sightseeing. However, due to the current b&b management regulations, the regulations on the areas where b&bs can be set up

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No matter the size or what is the difference between

Characteristics of the customer source and. The general hotel, it must be compared with. The general hotel in terms of building. And facility standards, such as corridor or staircase. Width and other strict requirements. And even require backpackers as the main source of youth hostels to set up parking lots, etc. Reasonable problems make it difficult for the government to promote the revival of old house culture. And the development of. The experience economy. People in the legal. Profession believe that the rise of new travel. And innovation has made existing regulations difficult.  Huang mingjie. A professor at the department of law of national. Taiwan university, said that the tourism. Development regulations set basic norms for hotels. Homestays, and travel operators, while the relevant laws and regulations follow the


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