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WHO has already named the new variants of the Coronavirus

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WHO has already named the new variants of the Coronavirus

At the same time, the WHO has added Nurse Email List that these names will not eliminate specific names, since they “provide important information, so they will continue to be used in research.” However, the technical nomenclature “can be difficult to say and remember” so they are susceptible to errors when reporting them. Given this circumstance, the WHO has said, it ends up Nurse Email List calling the variants by the geographical place where they have been detected, which can lead to “stigmatization Nurse Email List and discrimination”.

Discrimination has been a reality with the variants of the that have emerged around the world and this is something that the WHO intends to eradicate with this new action. For example, in the United States, attacks against people of Asian origin increased and Nurse Email List Donald Trump , who was the president during the first year of the pandemic, did Nurse Email List everything possible to accuse China, where the new coronavirus was first detected. time. In this way, Trump sometimes Nurse Email List referred to the Chinese virus or “Kung Flu”, a pun on Kung Fu

Nurse Email List

student mobile list and “flu”, which is flu in English. In addition, the WHO is Nurse Email List making the news these days because its director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has explained the best way to end the pandemic faster. The leader, in a press conference, has warned that “the coronavirus pandemic Nurse Email List is far from over” and has highlighted the agreement reached at the World Health Assembly, held this week, to guarantee equitable access to vaccineshas expressed that “I have asked world leaders to support the massive advance of vaccination to be able to vaccinate 10 percent of the world’s population in September and 30 percent by the end of the year… In addition, we have to vaccinate 250 million more Nurse Email List people in low- and middle-income countries, prioritizing healthcare professionals and higher-risk groups. If countries share doses with Covax, we can achieve these goals and save lives. ”


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