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When You Found Her On The Billboards

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When You Found Her On The Billboards


you had to send a WhatsApp with the photo and the hashtag #cacaolat, to participate in a raffle for 180 brand products. This promotion lasted 3 months and achieved a participation of 380 thousand users . bifruits This brand offered a promotion that consisted of buying 2 brand products to participate in the draw for a motorcycle. The purchase receipt had to be sent through a photo to WhatsApp. This action managed to increase sales, with a participation of 38 thousand users . What’s Travel It took advantage of the functionality of WhatsApp to manage flight reservations

since users could quickly do it directly through this application. Hellmann’s He made use of WhatsApp to create a recipe chat for newbies . To participate they only had to give their phone number and Romania phone number Hellmann’s mayonnaise as one of the ingredients. The prize would be a cooking masterclass with chefs. conclusion Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels Currently, immediacy is highly valued, and WhatsApp Business has managed to offer a range of possibilities, both on a personal and professional level,

That It Is Recommende That Companies

know how to make the most of it to speed up their services and responses . For small and medium- companies, and even for larger ones to a more global business, Whatsapp Business is as a solution to improve communication. Which can often become poor, causing the loss of potential clients and other problems. However, it is necessary to warn that the excessive sending. Of messages can cause the opposite effect, and even cause the closure of the account. Therefore, it is fair to use it with caution, and above all, a lot of creativity launched in advertising campaigns that manage to raise the level of sales and profits,

Oman Phone Number

generating new opportunities that benefit both users and the brand. The tool exists, and is waiting for the appropriate strategy according to the style and approach of each company , but it is also necessary to know how to sell on Whatsapp Business without neglecting that customer satisfaction will affect the achievement of the objectives of the company. business. You may in: Facebook is one of the  popular social networks today and is as one of the platforms with the largest number of active users and useful tools such as Facebook video ads.

Precisely Because Of This Popularity

Companies consider it a good option that they can take advantage of, not only to increase their presence on. The Internet, but also to improve their sales rates. The most common purpose of advertising. On Facebook is to drive traffic to your business website, as well as increase the overall reach of the site. The advertising platform that Facebook has is getting better and better and, above all, more suitable for companies. This tool is  Facebook Video Ads , through which. Content you want to share through a video, following a specific marketing strategy.

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