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When Users Begin To Consider

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When Users Begin To Consider

That they need to find a solution to their problem or need and start looking for brands, that is where the work of the first phase comes into play since the user still does not know anything about our products or services. MOFU: in this second stage, the decision stage, the user has already decided what type of product or service they need to solve the problem for which they have been seeking help in the first phase of our sales funnel. However, you still need to consider various options before making a decision: take into account the prices offered by our competition for the same services, for example.

This stage is key to determining if our user will finally become a lead, that is, it is the first business opportunity that we will have. BOFU : this period corresponds to the end of the cycle, where the user has Kenya phone number become a lead and will make a purchase of our products or services. It is at this moment when commercial strategies come into action and we will have to offer the best of our brand to achieve a highly satisfactory sale. After these three phases, the post-sale phase would arrive in which we must ensure the satisfaction of our client so that they become loyal to our brand.

We Can Achieve This By Doing A Post-purchase

follow-up and sending satisfaction surveys: in this way we will be able to know in which aspects the customer is happy with us and in which we can help them feel better. How do I speed up my sales cycle ? Due to the use of this sales cycle, especially in strategies such as digital marketing, software processes have been created that streamline the process so that it is easier for companies to achieve sales. To speed up the sales cycle, marketing automation software has begun to be launched.

Kenya Phone Number

What these types of programs did was to launch automatic marketing processes on the large volume of captured leads, in order to identify which of them are qualified and which are not. In other words, thanks to this software we can start to speed up the cycle from the beginning and discard those users with whom we have tried to get in touch but who, on the contrary, have not interacted with our brand. In this way we will meet the truly interested leads, that is, our buyer personas, and we will be able to focus our commercial action on them.

This Innovation In Marketing Commercial Solved

the problem mentioned above about a very high excess volume of leads. An example of software that can help us with this process is the by Hubspot. Once the lead, the marketing automation software launches. Aseries of strategic commercial actions that end up determining if that commercial opportunity. Is worth following up on, or if, on the contrary, we should let it pass. The direct effect provided by this new methodology is to reduce the number of leads. That the marketing department has to deal with.

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