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What They Want. Like and Buy.

Regardless of audience size. both webinars and live streams can handle audience registration and lead capture streams with ease . Some live streaming platforms such as K2.Live allow you to restrict access to the event with a user information form. You can then connect this form to a CRM or marketing platform using the tool’s native integrations. If you already have a list of viewers. you can give them access to your live stream. Webinar platforms typically work in a similar way. providing sign-up forms or ways to add an

existing list of Denmark Phone Number attendees. Anyway. whichever option you choose. you will have easy tools to generate leads or register your viewers. 2. Technological requirements Generally speaking. the setup for presenters is very similar between webinars and live streams. Both can be run using just a laptop and a webcam. or you can use a more advanced setup with a professional camera and microphone. In that case. you’ll need Aja ‘s U-Tap FDMI or a similar video capture device that allows your computer to recognize the camera as

A Webcam. ?however. For

software selected. In many cases. webinars require participants to download specific software and keep it up to date. ? In comparison. live streams are delivered through an online player in a browser window. They do not require any special software downloads. Depending on the size of your audience and the level of intimacy with technology. live streams can be much simpler and easier to broadcast. In any case. there are a handful of webinar platforms that also run in the browser – like K2.Webinar . ?? Ultimately. if you want to ensure an easy experience for viewers. select a platform that requires the fewest steps to join an event. 3.

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Public communication tools According to SproutVideo . a relatively big difference between live streams and webinars concerns the out-of-the-box audience communication tools. This refers to everything from promoting your event to calendar invites and sending reminders or recordings . Most webinar platforms include the basics of audience communication tools. The email options are not always pretty or adaptable to the contractor’s brand. but they will include all the important information and tips for accessing the event.

The Requirements Can Be Quite Different Depending

Event recordings and reminders can often be scheduled automatically and easily. >>> Meet K2.Webinar. the tool for holding online events fully adaptable to your brand. On the other hand. few live streaming companies offer audience communication tools . In that case. you will need an email service provider to handle all communications with the public. Most companies already have an email service provider. such as Mailchimp or HubSpot . Depending on your email platform. you can even use workflows or automations to

deliver all the right messages at the right time – plus you probably have more control over the branding and appearance of emails. 4. Where are you sharing? With a live stream. there are countless ways to share your event. ? For example. you can use a landing page hosted by your live streaming provider. embed it on your website. or simultaneously stream your event live to more than one location. including social media platforms . ? While some webinar tools support this embedding and allow you to upload your webinar to

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