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What objectives do you have as a company what do you sell

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What objectives do you have as a company what do you sell

 State Government-General Offices business email list.We will always be trying to improve the bottom line. And therefore the first thing we have to do is understand the business.What objectives do you have as a company? What do you sell? How do they sell it?   All these questions and many more must be answered before doing any actual work.For example: Imagine that a website is fatal. Slow loading, structure is chaos all content is wrong indexing is not good etc. However your main product page is in first position and receives a lot of traffic and 0.5% converts to sale.If you haven’t studied the company and the business first you may be tempted to .

How do they sell it what products or services generate the most income what part of the

State Government-General Offices business email list . Fix other things first when the smart thing to do would be to improve the copy on that sales page to increase that 0.5% conversion to say 1%. Only with that you will be achieving a huge improvement in the . Income that the company achieves through the web.Therefore understanding the business is essential to be able to work in order and prioritize . What will give the business the best results in the world of . Digital Marketing (and, with those small victories, we will be able to have a larger budget to make other . Improvements than if made in In the first place they would take us more work . Directly they could not be done due to lack of budget).Clarified why we have to understand the business before . We get to work we can go on to talk about the aspects that must be present in an audit.

State Government-General Offices business email list

Web is most important to customers What resources do they have what budget do you plan to allocate to us

Student Mobile List  State Government-General Offices business email list . One of the most important jobs that an agency must carry out in its day-to-day life . But that and webmasters must also carry out on an individual level . That of audits of websites . This work is essential to correct errors and keep the site updated so that it always meets the latest . Google requirements and best practices in online marketing.So without further ado let’s go on to see the different sections . That we consider that you should take into account when doing an audit . We also include an initial section that will help you better focus the audit.The first thing you have to keep in mind when conducting an audit is that everything we do we . Will do to improve the bottom line of the business we are serving.It does not matter if it is a niche with a few pages or the website of a large IBEX 35 company.

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