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What Is The Aso And How Should I Apply It?

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What Is The Aso And How Should I Apply It?

Competition in mobile app stores is brutal With 9 million mobile apps on Google Play and 2.5 million on the App Store, it is imperative that businesses have a competent App Marketing strategy and – specifically App Store Optimization (ASO) – to place their apps at the top of the markets. What is the OSA? ASO is to apps what SEO is to web pages . As its name suggests, ASO, or application store positioning, is the process of optimizing an app with the aim of making it appear among the first results when the user searches the application stores. The greater visibility a mobile application has in the stores , the more chances it will have of being found by users and, therefore, the more chances of getting downloads.

ASO factors to consider The more installations and the faster we get them, the better positioned the application will be. What is not so good is that the uninstall rate is high. It is an indicator that the product (app) is not as good as it should be. Therefore, it is important that you have some clear points before configuring your application. App name : The name of Albania phone number app must contain the main keywords by which we want to be found and. In addition, be striking. Description : The description of an app, in the case of Google Play. Must include keywords (without spam) and, in the case of Apple. It must be used as a marketing weapon to captivate users . The limit is 4000 characters, but the text must be brief and orderly. And always explaining the theme or uses.

Choice Of Keywords  In The Case Of Google

Play we do not have a “ keywords ” field, while in Apple we do. It is important to keep this in mind to speed up the search for our app. Developer name : That the developer name includes keywords is good. In addition, the seniority of the developer is also an important factor since they have more “strength” to rank. Icon : The icon does not directly affect the ASO, however, it is essential to attract the attention of users since it is usually the first thing they notice. Screenshots : As with the icon, the screenshots chosen for an app’s tab will not make it rank better, but a good selection of screenshots will make users “die” to install it.

Albania Phone Number

Apart from these On-Site factors, we must always keep in mind some other Off-Site factors , such as: The popularity of the app : This factor directly influences the success of an ASO strategy, since the higher the number of downloads, the better position an app will have in a store. CTR (click through rate) : A high rate of Click Through Rate (percentage of clicks between the number of impressions) positively influences the ASO. For clicks to translate into downloads, a good option may be to offer the app for free to increase the number of downloads – even if there are purchases in the app later – and thus boost positioning. Reviews and ratings

Positive Reviews Directly Affect

the ASO of an app as they are important for algorithms as well as building trust in users, motivating them to download and try an app. Social Networks: Regardless of where the traffic comes from, it helps improve positioning, so it is a factor that you should not neglect. Some social networks have specific advertising formats to promote applications (a good example is Twitter with its App Cards) and it may be interesting to explore them to get more downloads. Landing page : The landing page or landing page must have the mission of publicizing the existence of the app and explaining the functionalities it offers in terms of benefits.

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