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What Is A Landing Page Or A Lead Capture Page?

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What Is A Landing Page Or A Lead Capture Page?

The order of the day in digital marketing is to attract targeted traffic to your website so that they end up becoming leads and these customers of the brand. To achieve this there are different techniques. Today we will talk about one of the most common in ecommerce: the landing page. What exactly is a landing page? A landing page is a web page that has been designed specifically for the purpose of converting visitors into leads. That is why it is very important to create a good landing page, because its only objective is to convert leads into customers.

If the content, structure or design do not seduce the user, it means that it is not fulfilling its main function. If our landing page is well designed, we will be offering the user something attractive that will Whatsapp mobile number list them more willing not only to leave their information or fill out a form, but will also be willing to buy and become not only a lead, but also a customer. Client of our brand. What does it consist of? It consists of the user in question entering our website, for example, in a post that is within our blog,

If He Is Intereste In The Content

and considers that it is quality content, he will want to increase the information and will do so through our cta or call to action, which will take you directly to our landing page, where you will be for your contact information if you want to receive the extra content you wanted when you click on our cta. Once she has sent us her information, he becomes a lead. The more people are to complement and add information, the more potential customers we will have. So we can contact them and convert them into customers, influencing their purchase decision.


Know your audience one of the fundamental parts of our strategy to develop a landing page is to know our target audience perfectly. We must be very clear about who our buyer person is in order to know how to address them. We will not address a young audience in the same way as an adult one. Neither in the same channels, nor will we use the same design or persuade them the same. Let’s not forget our competitors, we must also analyze them. See their strengths and weaknesses in order to achieve better results than them by striving to be better

Than Them In Their Weak Points And Overcome

them in their strengths. How to create your landing page? Title and subtitle these are the first elements that the user will find after entering the landing page, so it will determine in a few seconds if the user decides to stay or not. So you have to explain very clearly what we are offering them. The title must be very concise since we will use the subtitle to add information and context to the offer. This must be attractive, but above all it must persuade the user not to abandon the landing and continue until they become a lead.

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