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What Are The Tasks Of A Social Media Manager?

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What Are The Tasks Of A Social Media Manager?

Social networks are an inherent part of consumers’ daily lives and brands can no longer ignore them in their marketing strategies. Networks are a space in which a large amount of information is found on a daily basis and they also create new uses and jobs. Social media manager, community manager, marketing manager, brand manager and so on we could continue with a huge list of “managers”. In the digital world there is a position for each function, for example, a community does not perform the same tasks as a social media manager. Who is the social media manager?

Before explaining who he is and what he does, imagine the following: an orchestra, the conductor of the orchestra, yes, that one, the one who shakes the sticks. Well, the social media manager is the C level executive list of the orchestra of a brand on social networks. The main function of it is to establish the marketing strategies of a brand. But isn’t that done by the Community Manager? No, the community executes them, that is, the community could be the violinist of the orchestra. As you can see, they do not perform the same functions. What are the tasks of the social media manager?

Basically His Tasks Are Focuse On Guaranteeing

the reputation in the digital world of the company, agency or brand he works for. In addition, it covers the need for companies to manage their image and develops a presence strategy on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc…) and tries to influence the virtual communities that are key to the brand. Likewise, it creates campaign strategies for your company and is attentive to detect new trends and its target audiences in order to develop new tools, strategies or propose others if necessary.

Another of its functions is to be on the lookout for what. The competition is doing and observe what it is doing on networks. To measure the performance of its communication actions and determine. Those that can be maintained, What companies have a social media manager? The social media manager is within companies that already have a certain maturity in digital technology. In general, it is to the main departments of the company, for example. With the communications department or the marketing department. In the case of a smaller or more familiar company, the social media manager. Is in direct contact with its founder.

The 7 Tasks Of A Social Media Manager A Social Media

manager must manage information quickly and efficiently and must not forget that their main mission is to optimize. The brand’s presence on social networks. Therefore, we present below the 7 tasks of a social media manager. Do a market study This is the first task you must perform. It is out through a set of investigations on the competition, clients, demand, supply. Characteristics of the environment, distribution channels, places of sale of the product, advertising, promotion, prices, etc.

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