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We finish this review talking about security

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We finish this review talking about security

Music Publishers business email list .As you may have already imagined, browsing from mobile devices is a priority right now (and for a few years now). Google itself has recognized that it focuses its indexing . On the mobile version of the search engine.Therefore, this trend that prioritizes navigation (and indexing) from mobile phones.  Means that, when designing and developing websites, these types of devices are taken into account in the first place.In this sense .  I recommend activating AMP technology on your website . Which is responsible for adapting and improving mobile browsing.  Reducing loading speed as much as possible and prioritizing content .

a fundamental issue both for the privacy of your

Music Publishers business email list . It activated in the articles of this blog for some.   I am going to show you the differences between the responsive and.  AMP version of a post.  On the left you can see the responsive version of this post generated by Divi (my website template) based on the design and configuration of my articles.On the right you can see the AMP version that the AMP for WP plugin generates based on the settings and styles that I have applied in its configuration. Its particularity is that the design is simpler.  (since it loads much less resources).   Upper bar that allows you to go to the web directly and leave Google’s .

Music Publishers business email list

for the protection of your site to avoid

Student Mobile List .Music Publishers business email list .View.In addition, if you activate AMP technology, you will now see that a ⚡ appears next to your website in the search results, data that allows the user to know where they will find fast and optimized information.We finish this review talking about security, a fundamental issue both for the privacy of your users and for the protection of your site to avoid attacks.To have a secure site, it is essential to have an SSL certificate that loads your website under the HTTPs protocol .These certificates can be downloaded and activated directly from your hosting provider (95% include it for free).Keep in mind that, for some time, most browsers show a message that indicates that the site is not secure if the web does not have the SSL certificate.

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