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Use The Tools Properly

To perform customer management and schedule shipping tasks. Measures to follow to avoid being Spam Photo by Tracy LeBlanc from Pexels. There are some measures that you can implement to reach your potential customers in a less intrusive way and avoid being considered Spam, so you can introduce the use of this new service channel through: Social media. You can use this medium to publicize the advantages of using Whatsapp Business, you can even do it through promotions, discounts, surveys, fun tests and more, to quickly get new contacts.

Newsletter. Through this strategy you can inform customers, suppliers and distributors about the use of this new communication channel, in addition, you could even obtain new leads and Portugal phone number your database. Website. You could implement the use of pop-up for users to provide their data and confirm you as a contact in their address book. Whatsapp Business Analytics So far, the analytics provided by Whatsapp Business are very basic but quite useful , since it shows the number of messages sent, delivered, received and read, as well as segmenting users by interaction groups.

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a connection can be established with social networks such as Facebook, in order to view the conversion rate or number of clicks. Automate your answers with this application As already mentioned, automating responses is possible with Whatsapp Business, which would bring great benefits to the business. With the help of keyboard shortcuts, it is possible to predetermine various quick messages such as welcome, greetings, farewells, answers to frequently asked questions, thanks, absent messages, among others. This option also allows you to disable specific notifications.

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The characteristics that these automatic messages cannot miss are the following: welcome messages. They to a cordial message to those users who are contacting us for the first time . These messages allow a maximum length of 200 characters and allow you to add emojis. away message. This option when we are not available or set an activation schedule . Its maximum length is 200 characters. It is important to point out that it only works while. The phone maintains an Internet connection, so it could happen that customers do not receive it every time we are absent.

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phrases that by simply typing a word or character, which greatly speeds up this type of process. Success stories of WhatsApp Business There are several. Success stories that show the usefulness and benefits that this application can offer. To the business world. Here we will show some: cocoa This is a milkshake company. Which carried out a campaign in Spain through WhatsApp to strengthen the image of the brand. Managing to link the use of billboards with this application. The campaign was “Looking for Pepi”.

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