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Twitter Algorithm Work For The Tt?

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Twitter Algorithm Work For The Tt?


Each social network uses an algorithm on user profiles. This in order to optimize and personalize the experience of each user. In the specific case of Twitter, it is a network that has gained popularity in the last 5 years, although it has been in operation for 10 years. Twitter acts as a microblog; where users can write a tweet with an extension of 280 characters. They can also share: -Links. -Photos. -Gifts. All this as long as the aforementioned extension is respected. According to the study ” Digital in 2018: Q3 Global Digital Statchot” , carried out by the companies We are Social and Hootsuite, the percentages of the Twitter audience are

Adolescents aged between 13-17 years 6%. -Young people aged between 18-24 years 26%. -Adults aged between 25-34 years 24%. -Adults aged between 35-49 years 30%. -People over 50 years 15%. The Twitter algorithm has, within its objectives; make each user’s page interesting Nigeria phone number relevant. And, taking into account that not all content is relevant to the general public; the algorithm seeks personalization. [Tweet «[Tweet “The Twitter algorithm aims to display the most interesting tweets for each user, based on their interests.”]»] Before the order of the tweets appeared according to the chronological order of the publications the people followed.

However, With The New Algorithm

used by the social network, the way you see tweets on the timeline has changed. The new algorithm allows users to not only see the most recent tweets; but also that they can see the ones that have more publication hours and that are more aligned with their interest. All this based on the tastes and needs of people, according to what the algorithm has detected. How to be a Trending Topic? trending topic Knowing what the trends are is very beneficial for your brand; since this way, you will be able to position yourself to increase visibility. In addition, you can make sound decisions in real time. But, don’t you know how to be a Trending Topic?

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Well, wait no more and take note. There are various techniques that you can implement. For example: 1. Use built-in audiences When we talk about built-in audiences, we are referring to a strategy that you can employ as a company; this with the aim of inviting your customers or users to use a hashtag. As in television programs, you can also indicate to your audience a label that you want to position. To do this, you can implement built-in audiences, such as: -Webinars. -Conferences. -Chat on Twitter, etc In addition, there is the option to make a call to action.

In This Way, You Will Be Able

to attract the attention of other users who are on other social networks; so that they go to Twitter and talk about the topic you want to position. 2. Think of the right moment Before trying to turn a tag into a trend, it is essential that you do some preliminary research. This way you will know with certainty what is happening at the moment; and whether or not it is convenient to compete with something that may be more popular. 3. Use an original hashtag Creativity is paramount. Think of an original phrase or word that is easy to remember and replicate. When doing a TT, you can also consider the following tips:

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