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Tokyo Olympic Committee calls on all people to dig “urban mines

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Tokyo Olympic Committee calls on all people to dig “urban mines

Do you know how Olympic medals are made? The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will use precious metals recycled from waste electrical appliances and waste mobile phones to make medals.

Modern people wear “gold” and “silver” every day to go out

Living in the big gold mines of cities, but Slovenia Phone Number ignoring the treasures around them. Treasure hunting does not require a map, this week’s “Recycling Green Newspaper R-paper” takes you into the city’s mineral veins.

Tokyo Olympics calls on all people to donate waste household

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Appliances, waste information items In 2020, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Committees jointly launched the “Urban Mine” project, calling on the Japanese people to donate consumer electronic products, old mobile phones,

Old digital cameras, waste home appliances and other items with the goal of “stepping into a new future”. This is the first time in Olympic and Paralympic history. The goal is to extract rare and precious metals and make about 5,000 gold, silver, and bronze medals

Collect 1 metric ton of waste desktop computers to get 14 grams of gold, and waste laptops to get 92 grams of gold. Compared with gold-rich gold mines, 1 metric ton can only extract 4 to 5 grams of gold.

In order to successfully collect the 8 metric tons of precious metals needed to make the medals, including: 40 kg of gold, 4,900 kg of silver, and 2,900 kg of bronze. In cooperation with NTT DOCOMO and the Japan Environmental Sanitation Center, the Olympic Committee will set up recycling points in 2,400 stores and 350 local government agencies in Japan, starting from 2017 and ending in the spring of 2019, for a two-year recruitment period.

Waste home appliances and waste information items become Tokyo Olympic gold medals. Turn waste information items into Olympic medals and become a part of the Olympic Games

Once the public donates, they can enter the interaction through the QR code to understand the process of medal creation. From the details of recycling, design, production and completion, in order to improve the public’s awareness Participation. The Tokyo Olympics will kick off on

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