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To Potential Customers in Market

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To Potential Customers in Market

Process 1. From improvisation to strategy Plan. plan. plan! Easier said than doneナ However. a strategic approach – with a clear goal and a plan to get there – always has a better chance of success. Even better would be to be able to anticipate potential issues and be ready to make small adjustments to your digital campaign along the way. This would help to avoid automatic and impulsive reactions. especially if the campaign is not getting the expected result. 2. Agility vs. perfection At the same time. don’t get stuck for weeks on planning the “perfect campaign”. As you do this. a more agile competitor may be taking your

market share. The Hong Kong Phone Number beauty of digital marketing is that you can implement options A. B. and C to quickly test a lean-budget launch. Once you’ve identified the best performing option. invest more significantly in it. In fact. it’s a good idea to just set aside a small budget to test and learn what works in the market. 3. Don’t be just another brand Definitely. your business cannot be perceived that way. You must differentiate yourself from the competition. Otherwise. chances are you are wasting your money. One way to achieve this is by producing high-quality . meaningful content. different from what your competitors are doing. to continually

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reach your audience. thus taking advantage of the “novelty” air. 4. Beware of “Shiny Object Syndrome” The desire for novelty mentioned in the previous item is only justified if the platform in question is suitable for your business and its products. Be wary of the colleague who says ” Oh. I heard about this new social media platform/short video/messaging platform and I think we should run our campaigns on it too “. Don’t blindly follow trends because. today. they come and go often. Ask yourself: ?? Do you need to be on all platforms? Do you have the resources to create a great and consistent user experience across all

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platforms? Are your customers really on this new platform? If the answer is “no” to most of these questions. maybe you should just look at these new things and focus on what is already working. 5. Don’t create barriers between online and offline And don’t forget about good old- fashioned traditional marketing . Digital. when well combined with offline. can actually yield better results. That’s because your customer wants an omnichannel experience. that is. the same quality of experience both on the smartphone and in the physical store. Eliminate the barriers between traditional and digital marketing and give your customers a

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consistent experience through an integrated marketing approach . >>> Inbound versus outbound marketing. straight to the point and bluntly 6. Know which metrics are right for your business A digital campaign can provide important data about customers (what they want. like and buy. for example). Before starting a campaign. define your goals clearly and identify the metrics you will use to track performance. If the goal is to “advertise product X to potential customers in market Y”. but the result shows that “the return on investment was low because sales were not good enough”. something has gone wrong. And you need to

know where the bottlenecks are. >>> Metrics for live streaming: discover the most important ones 7. Learn from past digital marketing campaigns You don’t have to start from scratch with every new campaign. As long as you’ve tracked the right data. you can analyze your past performance and find out what worked and what went wrong. Take that stance in the next campaign: improve what’s good and leave out what’s bad. 8. Learn continually Companies need to build a culture of continuous learning . Talents in the marketing and

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