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Tips for Optimizing Your Business Blog Articles for Conversions Need

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Tips for Optimizing Your Business Blog Articles for Conversions Need

More visitors to become leads? Use these tips to improve your blog. By Jen Barrell Jen Barrell also recommends this free guide. The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Strategy Playbook 2022. Read the Playbook 20 Tips for Optimizing Your Business Blog Articles for Conversions . Tips for optimizing your business blog for conversions Answer your audience’s toughest questions. Work with sales to determine the right topics Understand the buyer’s journey. Develop a content map Run a topic litmus test. Hook the reader with a powerful introduction Follow the ‘content compass’ Ensure your content passes the blink test .

Speak to Your Readers Like They Are Human Infuse Your Text

With personality Use the 80/20 rule Have relevant links on your page Sprinkle links throughout your article Optimize your anchor text’s color Use great anchor text copy Check the placement of your CTAs Play with the designs of your CTAs Use consistent CTA messaging Use value-oriented copy for your Jordan Phone Number CTAs Use smart CTAs You’ve done your keyword research, you know how and when to use an H2 header, and you’ve remembered to include alt text on your perfectly sized featured photo. In other words, you’ve optimized your blog to be found by the search engines. Heck, you might even have achieved SEO nirvana: page one. But there’s still one problem: your articles aren’t showing you the money.

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How Much Seo Optimization We Apply to Any Piece of Content

If the articles we write can’t convert those who read them, as writers and content managers, we’re wasting our efforts. As a content trainer at IMPACT, I work with content managers worldwide and I can definitely declare that no one has time to waste. While high traffic to a page might be good (and that’s a debate I’d eagerly engage in), a high click-through rate on that page is monumentally better. Great blog articles drive traffic to your website, provide honest education, build trust with your audience, and pique people’s interest to learn more about your brand. When done right, your visitors are more likely to convert because they trust you. Below, I’ll give you the tips I share with my clients to help them boost conversions. If you’re asking these questions.

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