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This Resource Is Very Useful Because

regardless of what you are selling, or what your company does, it is necessary to include the use of videos in your marketing strategy, especially through the largest platforms such as Facebook. The Delivery Media page, in its article “Importance of video in advertising”, indicates that because there are millions of people who prefer to watch a video; As long as your brand does not make use of this, it will be as if it does not exist for them . A novel aspect of Facebook Video Ads is that it doesn’t matter what users are looking for, the most important thing is to know the profile of the company’s customers.

This means they target real people, with real interests, real jobs and real hobbies, so it’s not just about keywords. In this article you will discover how a tool, apparently used only to socialize, can be such a Qatar phone number ally for companies. Below you will find some benefits of Facebook Video Ads and its importance in the marketing strategy. What is Facebook Video Ads? Facebook Video Ads is the most powerful platform right now for making video ads. This is indicated on his blog by Otto Duarte in his article “Facebook Ads for ecommerce in depth”.

The Most Powerful Platform

at the moment for advertising with videos. «] It is an advertising tool that will allow you to create ads easily and simply, and you will also be able to segment in detail the type of audience you want to reach. A novelty of this platform is that you can do retargeting . This is the possibility of re-reaching people who have already viewed your videos. It turns out to be a very powerful filter, since you can do a virtual follow-up of the users who have accessed your website. And even to specific product pages, thus being able to know which people are related to your offer. Another relevant fact is that

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Facebook Video Ads has the great advantage that it can be both visual and textual. Therefore, it represents a much more effective way to express creativity when creating your ads. [Tweet « Facebook Video Ads represent a much more effective way to express creativity when creating our ads. «] With Facebook Video Ads you can: Capture people’s attention. Show what you offer in your business. Connect with people. So, if you have a business, a restaurant, and you don’t have a digital strategy,

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Read on so you can reap the benefits of this powerful tool. What is the importance of Facebook Video Ads in your marketing strategy? Every day more and more people join this social network in search of all kinds of information. It has become the most popular and visited consultation medium . Facebook Video Ads has become a very successful alternative in digital marketing if you want to succeed and, above all, with the help of digital media. [Tweet « Facebook Video Ads is a pretty good alternative in digital marketing if you want to succeed with the help of digital media.

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