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This Is A Very Common Criterion

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This Is A Very Common Criterion


in all social networks, since they try to achieve this ultimate goal. The way to measure this interaction is, essentially, the times you press the “Like” button, the comments and whether or not you share your posts. The more times you do it, edgerank will understand that the user is more interested in the page or the user. Relevance of the content: This is an assessment of each published content made by Facebook itself. What the algorithm does in this case is to give a better rating to those accounts that have quality. That is, the variety of formats used.

Facebook offers many options to add photos, videos and others to your posts, which means that if you use these tools, they are valued more positively than those that only use the text. Time: As the time Chile phone number the publication passes, its relevance decreases. That is why it is important to update the content frequently, since Facebook especially values ​​the topicality, that is, the most recent information. Therefore, and taking into account these three factors, you will be thinking how your company’s Facebook can do to positively influence them and make it position your brand well.

Whether You Want Your Content To Appear

on the largest number of walls of our contacts, or if you want your publications to appear as often as possible and in the first places. Some of the things you to favor this algorithm are: Publish interesting and multimedia content: Our content must have value for the user and to promotions or offers (which, in addition, spam). It is also very important to include digital content in your publications and not limit ourselves to using only the text. Update frequently: In addition to the quality and variety of formats, our publications must have a third characteristic:

to be innovative and  regularly. Interact with the user: It is essential that the user makes comments (and, of course. Answer them in the best possible way and as soon as possible) and that they share our content. To do this, we must publish things that catch your attention, as well as encourage you. To share opinions and doubts with us. In this way we ensure interaction with the user. Which edgerank will value positively and will continue to show us on the user’s wall. After a series of Edgerank updates,

Facebook Has Started To Place

a special value on consistency in the content displayed. And the time the user spends reading each post, which shows some interest. So if we want our publications to have the maximum possible role. In the feeds of our followers, we have no choice but to increase their quality. Use many more photos and videos, enhance interaction and dose our content prioritizing quality over quantity. Go ahead and get to work on your site on Facebook. The important thing is to be constant and interactive with the user. So that Edgerank shows us and helps us grow our business.

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