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These are the fines you must pay if you did not file your annual return with the SAT

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These are the fines you must pay if you did not file your annual return with the SAT

Adult life involves many obligations, and India Phone Number List one of the biggest is paying taxes. It is something that all doctors and workers in India Phone Number List any other area must comply with without exception. Sometimes it is a process that you must comply directly and in others indirectly, but you cannot avoid it. Whereas in case of presenting India Phone Number List your annual declaration before the Tax Administration System (SAT) you are entitled to onerous fines and they can even close your office.The first thing to consider is whether you are required India Phone Number List to file the annual return directly. The Income Tax Law (LISR) states that you must do it manually if you meet any of the following three conditions.

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If you obtained income student mobile list greater than 400 thousand India Phone Number List pesos in the year.While it should also be mentioned that in this 2021 the period to comply with the provisions of the tax authorities ended on May 31. That means that if for any reason you India Phone Number List did not file your annual return then you will suffer one of the following fines based on

the provisions of the SATOn the other hand, since 2018 India Phone Number List the tax authorities have accused that health professionals are among the people who evade the payment of taxes the most. The main way is when you do not submit all the corresponding India Phone Number List invoices for your services. This means that they do not show all of their incomeFor its part, it also mentions that you are exempt from filing the Annual Declaration if you obtained India Phone Number List income exclusively from wages from a single employer, as long as they have issued you Digital Tax Receipts over the Internet (CFDI) of payroll for all income, even if said income exceeded 400 thousand pesos.

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