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The truth behind McDonald’s food: what the consumer has always wondered

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The truth behind McDonald’s food: what the consumer has always wondered

The consumer has become much more demanding with the food they consume, the obsession with the North American Fast Food model has dissipated in recent years. The most representative brand of the fast food movement is undoubtedly McDonald’s, it makes sense that it has also become the main recipient of criticism and doubts from the consumer. Being the epitome of an industry creates significant challenges in terms of corporate communication and marketing .

The brand has been held hostage by consumers in more ways than one, in mid-2014 the new mascot of the Golden Arches restaurant received strong criticism on social media . Happy , the anthropomorphic box with a huge smile that seeks to allude to its name, generated mocking Ukraine Phone Number List reactions against the new pet. The integrity of the company has not only been questioned at the branding or product level, its corporate actions have also been questioned, in 2014 L’Express a French media accused McDonald’s of hiding income from the tax authorities of that country, creating a public relations nightmare . If that wasn’t enough, earlier this year protests over low wages by fast food workers appear to have targeted the Oak Brook Illinois company as well.

In this environment, it makes sense that the company has decided to start a public image restoration campaign . Under the slogan Our Food, Your Questions , Ronald McDonald’s company launched in November 2013 a first effort in Australia and New Zealand through an online platform that sought to create “honest communication between consumers and the brand. ”. The effort has spread to Canada and more recently to the American Union – through a series of videos on YouTube – The main objective of the messages is to dispel correct or incorrect perceptions about the product.

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The image strategy is based on digital marketing and content marketing tools , for example, the version of the American union enlists an investigator who would potentially travel to different locations of the company in order to verify the restaurant’s statements.

The results on the digital platform are interesting, the video on the origin of the company’s meat has added 1,188,022 views , for its part, the one that attends to the Brother Cell Phone List accusations about quality at such a low price adds up to 453,110 views on YouTube . The real question is whether the company will be able to change the negative confirmation bias that the restaurant suffers in front of consumers, especially young mothers who have moved away from their establishments.

The campaign for the company has been fantastic from a marketing perspective , the site in Canada has more than 16,000 questions that have been connected in an extremely intelligent way to the social platform. In order to notify users when their questions have been answered, it is necessary for the consumer to register through Facebook Connect, a strategy that potentially allows McDonalds to learn something from its detractors and consumers. It will be decided in the coming months if this daring action will have positive results for McDonald’s; however, the model will undoubtedly serve as a critical path for more than one brand of mass consumer products.

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