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The Tertiaries Are Those That Are Formed

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The Tertiaries Are Those That Are Formed

By mixing a primary with a secondary, giving rise to a range of tones. What meanings and emotions do colors produce in marketing? Next, we will tell you a little about the emotions they produce and the messages that primary colors convey: blue it is the preferred color. Blue is the color of sympathy, harmony and fidelity despite being cold and distant. It is a color associated with spiritual virtues. There are 111 shades of blue. Although blue is the color of distance, it is also the color of fidelity. The latter sounds contradictory, right? But fidelity has to do with distance, since you have to stay away so as not to be unfaithful.

For example, in english, blue appears especially linked to fidelity in the phrase “true blue” (faithful to the bone), it represents the solid union of color and feeling. Likewise, the english wedding rite “something old” requires as trousseau of every bride “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. For this reason, at the wedding of carlos and diana, this B2b email list was observed in the diadem borrowed from the spencers and in the earrings, which belonged to their mother. So, if you are looking to convey calm and confidence, blue is the one for your brand.

In Darker Tones It Represents Elegance And Freshness

Red the color of all passions, from love to hate. It is the color of kings and consumerism, of joy and danger. There are 105 shades of red. It symbolizes fire, blood and life, aggressiveness, war and control. Now, to explain a little how to use colors in marketing, the theme of combinations is important, since this color has a completely different effect if it is combined with other colors. For example, red combined with pink transmits innocence, combined with violet it is seductive, but together with black it becomes aggressive and violent.


Pay attention to what you want to convey with your brand colors. Red is a ubiquitous color in advertising. In marketing it means power, attraction and gets the public’s attention fixed. A lighter tone will generate enthusiasm, as in the case of coca cola. Their advertising campaigns are cheerful, exciting and at the same time convey confidence. Using this color at the right time arouses positive feelings and is good for the brand. In addition, red is stimulating and is associated with being active, increases heart rate and stimulates appetite.

For This Reason, Some Fast Food Chains

such as kfc or mcdonald’s have them in their logos. Yellow the most contradictory color, since it is the color of joy, fun, understanding and betrayal. The yellow of gold, but also of sulphur. There are 115 shades of yellow. 6% of women and men prefer this color. This color is present in experiences and symbols related to the sun, light and gold. But why do so few people like it? This color is very unstable, since a pinch of red turns it into orange and a pinch of blue turns it into green, a pinch of black makes it dirty and disappears.

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