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The Terms Seo And Sem

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The Terms Seo And Sem

Becoming more and more the order of the day due to new technologies, we have all heard of them or have even used the terms ourselves, but do we really know what they mean and the difference between them? Between both? Today these terms are very important, advertising is one of the great bases of the economy and the internet is one of the main media in which we can find it. A large percentage of the world’s population uses the internet as their main platform for searching for information, so, as they say, what doesn’t appear on the internet doesn’t exist.

Therefore, online marketing becomes very important. It is very important not only to be on the internet, but to position yourself among the first results in order to achieve that visibility. Appearing on Bolivia phone numbers fourth search page, and not appearing, is the same. Thanks to this need to make certain web pages visible on the internet and thanks to online marketing, the terms SEO and SEM arise. SEO, what is it and what is it for? First of all, we are going to define the concept “SEO”, since it is the most used term as it is available to everyone.

Seo Whose Acronym Is: Search Engine Optimization

It is search engine optimization, that is, it refers to a set of actions and techniques that improve the positioning of a specific website within the list of results conducting an internet search. The list of web pages is depending on the algorithm, which is from time to time in order to adjust as precisely as possible to the search that the user has carried out. An important fact about SEO that will help us understand the difference with SEM is that its results are organic, which means that they appear naturally without being influenced by paid advertising.

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So its relevance does not have to do with paid advertising, but with its importance with respect to the search carried out by the user. These visibility techniques can be  by any company or individual, there are specific able to position yourself among the first and today there are many web pages and programs that are specifically to helping companies to do so. The SEM, what is it and what is it for? SEM is the acronym for Search Engine Marketing , which we can also find as internet marketing, which is to promoting digital content by increasing its visibility and positioning within search engines.

All This Thanks To Sponsored

ads on those search engines. Many times it is these same search engines that offer the tools to advertise us. The SEM creates campaigns to promote your online business thanks to the use of the Google AdWords tool. All this triggers several actions, on the one hand, the creation of new. Ads and on the other, the management of bids, with each specific search. Thousands of companies make bids in real time to be able to send personalized advertising. To the user who has made that search. So we could say that SEM has the same purpose. SEO but the way to achieve it is different, it involves much less effort, but more economic resources.

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