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out in an article that WhatsApp has more than 1.2 billion users worldwide and that it already exceeds 75 million downloads, so this launch of WhatsApp Business bets on being the preferred application for SMEs . The portal El Financiero, points out in a report that: WhatsApp has officially reported that in Mexico, 57% of its SMEs have managed to increase their sales thanks to this application . In Mexico, 1 out of 3 SMEs use WhatsApp and 56% indicate that it allows them to sell their products even internationally . In the United States, 65% of SMBs have not yet migrated to WhatsApp Business .

Origin WhatsApp Inc. was founded by Jan Koum in 2009 , initially it was only available for BlackBerry, later for iPhone, and was programmed only to make public the person’s availability and broadcast the statuses to their contacts. In 2013, it launched its version for Android, also Paraguay phone number the charge for the service after 365 days of use, which caused a decline that was favorable for other competitors. In 2014, the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, purchased WhatsApp in search of expanding its number of users. And finally, in 2017, WhatsApp Business was announced ,

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created especially so that companies can offer better service to their customers through this application. What benefits does WhatsApp Business bring to my business? Photo by Lukas from Pexels. WhatsApp Business has various features that to benefit the business strategy. So it is convenient to know each one of them to make the most of them. Whatsapp Business as the ideal communication channel Because today’s competitiveness increasingly requires business strategies that facilitate processes for users, which will obviously affect sales.

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translation through GBoard you can send messages in 92 languages. As well as successfully spreading your campaigns due to its high conversion rate. Integrate landline lines to the account So you can continue to use them as a means to communicate with your customers and vice versa. Quickly answers Since it is possible to save and use the answers to frequently questions. Which sent to other users. Profile for companies Por medio de The of this option ensures that customers at all times, the company is offline.

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an absence message in advance and it is also advisable to create. A welcome message that allows you to make your business known to new users. [Tweet “The use of autoresponders ensures that customers will be served at all times, even if the company is offline”] Variety of content Whatsapp Business also makes it possible for companies. To share various types of content such as photos, videos, links, texts, and much more. Groups A very useful feature is being able to segment customers into groups to establish a specific target .

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