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The main objective of the market study is to validate the

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The main objective of the market study is to validate the

The main objective of the market study is to validate the economic profitability. Demonstrating the viability of an activity will make it possible to maximize benefits from the start and even attract investment. Another of the relevant objectives of this study is to anticipate the possible response of customers and competitors. Differences  It is convenient to dedicate the necessary time to well formulate the questions and details about which we want to know the answer. The most appropriate methodology or survey must be selected that allows us to investigate and obtain the information we are looking for. Let us remember that, based on these results, conclusions and decision-making can be seriously affected. With the surveys we can know:


If the product or service is really good the potential market

The prices at which the public is willing to pay Extra functionalities or features to be valued. Perform segmentation of the target audience The market study, as a Portugal Phone Number result, will allow you to have an orientation when it comes to directing, for example , marketing campaigns on the total audience. It is possible to know as specific information as possible, which allows segmenting the public. It can also be studied as the buyer persona construction methodology . Thus, you can direct yourself to the objective the behavior or moment. Competitor Research Another of the highlights of a market study is knowing the competition in detail. You can learn a lot from their successes and mistakes. If they are where they are, it is because they have followed a few steps. The

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That is, they are value judgments, not quantifiable.

For example, what would be the conclusions through the discussion or the interview (personal or group). They can be forms or questionnaires specifically designed to request an assessment in the form of a scale, and thus transform a qualitative opinion into a number that allows us to process it massively and automatically. Analyze all information obtained Once you have chosen the ideal study technique, it is time to put it into practice. Once obtained, it is necessary to organize it to process it in a coherent way and thus draw conclusions.

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