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The laboratory tests that your pregnant patients should perform

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The laboratory tests that your pregnant patients should perform

The pregnancy is one of the most emotional Marketing List of Plumbers stages of life, but also requires great care. Although each woman faces it in a Marketing List of Plumbers different way, be it due to her age, her genetic predispositions or other risk Marketing List of Plumbers factors, the truth is that specialized care is needed.In this regard, Dr. Alejandro Marketing List of Plumbers Rey Vázquez del Campo , a specialist in medical genetics and spokesperson Marketing List of Plumbers for Quest Diagnostics , recommends performing the following Marketing List of Plumbers laboratory tests for future moms.

test A blood test is the perfect ally for Marketing List of Plumbers many women to find out whether or not they are pregnant. And well, once this suspicion is realized, this study will help detect diseases such as anemia and hepatitis.General urine t It is one of the most common Marketing List of Plumbers and painless tests in the whole process. With it, it will be possible to detect in time if there is an infection in the urinary tract or in the bladder, in addition, it will help to measure the proteins in the urine, which, if they are high, speak about possible preeclampsi Blood glucose tests

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As well as the urine test,  student mobile list the gynecologist will Marketing List of Plumbers routinely test the mother’s glucose levels to detect suspected gestational diabete Ultrasou Undoubtedly the most awaited by future parents, since it will be that “magical” moment where during the process they will be able to see their baby in a much more “real” way. By the Official Mexican Marketing List of Plumbers Standard it is recommended to have at least 5 during the 9 months and depending on the process the gynecologist will request much more specific tests.

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