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The essence of the BTL that the pandemic came to reform

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The essence of the BTL that the pandemic came to reform

“We are measuring together with various agencies Email Marketing for Pharmaceuticals how brands are keeping the customer with discount coupons, with redemption codes and all are digital promotions where they go to the point of sale, buy and the best is a” buy, register Email Marketing for Pharmaceuticals and win online “Or I see previously a discount code comes to you Email Marketing for Pharmaceuticals through the eCommerce of the brand, there is that trend of digital Email Marketing for Pharmaceuticals promotions and there is no early opening to return to the level of activations that we had before and

However, forums, theaters and / or places where concerts Email Marketing for Pharmaceuticals were held, which already had spaces to have good camera turns and had internet with a large bandwidth, were adapted to make transmissions via streaming, which was Email Marketing for Pharmaceuticals not difficult or mostly expensive and involved for many BTL agencies to migrate to these forums, and invest in having a preview to be able to broadcast live events. Simultaneously, we have the presenter and the master of ceremonies who is leading the entire event in the place live and we have people throughout the

 Email Marketing for Pharmaceuticals

Other types of events that student mobile list were consolidated were hybrid, where there is a small number of people within a forum, living the experience as if it were a traditional live Email Marketing for Pharmaceuticals event and the rest of the people are connected in a virtual way. This strategy will reach a larger audience at a lower cost and achieve a face-to-face event.Meján, also general director of GIDEAS, described another kind of hybrid case: “we did an event that is the launch of a car Email Marketing for Pharmaceuticals and you make it a hybrid where we take the media to the forum, it is a very large forum and most (of the people) it was also connected, you will see this peculiarity in Email Marketing for Pharmaceuticals many agencies The Mexican agencies took

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