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The distributor s price list is a mass grave for the vast majority

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The distributor s price list is a mass grave for the vast majority

.In essence, dissatisfi with the state of affairs, stores and manufacturers. Were forcto change the paradigm that had develop in the market.Starting to exclude distributors from the marketing channel.

Trading networks

A common efficient supply system, general management principles.Unifi warehouses, stability of supplies, non-competitive environment, choice and the ability to pay. For the best locations, as a result, the best prices and growing turnover – this and Bahrain Phone Numbers much. More is the benefit of retail chains that merg (acquired) retail operators able to offer the market.

Creation of own logistics companies and distribution centers. Has complet a large-scale work on the redistribution of the retail market and the elimination of intermediary. Distributors from the marketing channel.

Bahrain Phone Number List

Manufacturers’ regional offices

Inferior, few, often not very effective managers in the regions under the guise of a supplier’s regional office, at first, were not taken seriously by the distribution. True, immediately and from the moment they appear, they took on duties that the distributor did not perform at all or did it poorly or, worse, perform such duties well, but only in relation to the competitor’s product and brand.

The rights obtain by the regional office, the opportunity to provide additional benefits from the manufacturer, the hardened management eventually took over all the work on the 4Rs, leaving distributors only what they knew how to do well. “Order the goods and pay me, discuss incentive programs only with me, but the goods will be brought to you by MY distributor,” this could be heard everywhere from the sales representative of the supplier who came to negotiate in the store.

Manufacturer sales teams

By the beginning of the 2000s and in the first years of the century.It became the norm when stores and retail chains began to contact the manufacturer directly. At that moment, the qualifications, efficiency of thinking and understanding of. The aging role of distribution, by the owners and TOP management of manufacturers, dictated the need not to send such “self-propelled” to the distributor, but to try, if not work directly, then at least influence the quality of such contacts and service of such stores , retail associations and network operators. At this point, qualif trade management of suppliers and marketing teams of suppliers responsible for the promotion of goods and brands play a huge role. Naturally, if they are available.

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