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The compass of digital business

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The compass of digital business

This post fills me with a lot of pride, emotion Jordan Email Address and gratitude. If you follow me for a long time, you will know how much I enjoy sharing my knowledge through any format that is attractive. Today I want to tell you that all my experiences of this beautiful career in the world of marketing, I have reflected in a book: “The compass of digital business.”

I started in 2013 to dream and materialize Jordan Email Address everything that I proposed, I never gave up and thanks to the perseverance and the value of all my efforts I am here today. With many facets: mom, businesswoman and even author of the book that will help companies to manage, create or relaunch their digital business in the most successful way.

When you see all my work and the Jordan Email Address resources I offer, you will believe that I have fulfilled all my dreams and I only tell you that this has just begun, but I always appreciate being able to materialize the goals that I have and enjoy perseverance and an incredible team to follow fulfilling projects.

Everything that you have created, learned and lived about digital business, you have in this guide book to know the route to the success of your brand or company. Accompanied by my team, I have captured from tactics to real examples of our professional experiences in more than 400 pages and with more than 70 resources that will make you shine in your market.

You may wonder: Vilma, how did you come to fulfill all the professional aspirations that you set out for yourself? Well, being clear about my purpose for each project that I developed.

By defining and understanding what you are doing and where you want to go with your business, you will have plenty of resources to motivate Jordan Email Address yourself and seek the answers that will allow you to reach your goal. Before you start, set a pause and ask: what is your mission? What is your vision

For example, my mission is to educate all marketing professionals based on my knowledge and experiences of the digital world through the different formats that I can. And then my vision is to be the best school and the most comprehensive innovative and up-to-date library of digital marketing.

Jordan Email List

All businesses, no matter how large or small, must have their purpose defined, I put the case of Amazon where they specify the following:

Amazon Mission: Take advantage of the Student Mobile list technology and experience of our employees to offer consumers the best shopping experience on the Internet.

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