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The best times to post on social networks

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The best times to post on social networks

Every day hundreds of recipes appear on the web to improve our reach either on the site, on social networks, forums, etc. The truth is that the variants are endless. However, the times to publish on social networks tend to coincide in almost all investigations. The reason is logical, the human Philippines Phone Number List being tends to act the same way in certain things almost everywhere in the world. We share with you a small infographic on the subject.People are connected at all hours, it is true, but there are times when they are more connected. It sounds like a riddle, but the statement is based on simple truths that experts study every day.

It is enough that you review your own habits (if you are not too different from ordinary mortals) for you to feel identified with certain behaviors online. For example, although logic tells us that we have Facebook open since we woke up, the best times to publish on this network are… from one to four in the afternoon. The highest amount of traffic in most countries occurs when many are having lunch or afternoon coffee. Why? Sleep at the office, tiredness and the desire to interact with others to escape from daily activities seem to explode at that time.

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The worst time on the other hand, according to various field investigations and this in particular carried out by MyClever Agency, is the one that goes from 8 at night to eight in the morning. It requires almost no comment. With exceptions (creatives and various artists), it is usually the Brother Cell Phone List period of time in which we share with the couple, the family and try to sleep to recover from a tiring day. Although it seems obvious, it is good to remember what may be the best times to post on social networks according to this example.

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