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The Best Friend Of Your Marketing Strategy

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The Best Friend Of Your Marketing Strategy



Brands increasingly need loyalty, to have customers who regularly buy their brand for the simple reason that it is that specific brand. They trust and bet on it without questioning it. Brands need brand lovers. What are brand lovers? They are users who are emotionally linked to a brand, so much so, that they always choose the same brand when they have to buy a certain item within a category. For example, there are those who, every time they change their mobile, bet on Apple and do not want to know anything about any other brand.

They also usually like to post everything related to her on their networks. This will always speak well of the brand and will defend it before other people who do not have the same positive opinion of Brazil phone number brand. And they will do this precisely because they adore her, without anything in return. That is why they differ from influencers, who do it with a contract behind them, perhaps even without liking the brand at all. 5 steps to identify brand lovers They speak well of you and recommend you If you have good feedback

From Your Users, Especially On Social Networks

by checking the mentions and hashtags, you will be able to easily identify what they are, they reply and comment on your posts, re-upload information to their social networks of your brand and much more. Community Brand lovers are not independent users, they are a large community where they interact with each other. There are usually accounts of “fans” of your brand, which as a company you must take care of since the audience of this type of account is also your audience.

Brazil phone number

Keep an active listen After the first two points, we could say that brand lovers are everywhere, but even so, as a company you have to actively listen, pay attention within your comments, mentions and hashtags. There is also a very good system to be able to maintain this listening, which consists of identifying brand lovers from search alerts in search engines. Value them as ambassadors A very useful tool for your marketing strategy is to consider your brand lovers as ambassadors of your brand since they will be better at promoting it than any other influencer who is already known but does not love your brand.

To Know Which Brand Lovers Can

help you in your marketing strategy, several KPIs: Influence Different from the scope. The influence of the brand lover consists of the number of people he is influencing. That is, a coca cola brand fan account can influence more than an influencer with three times the number of followers. Of which a large most may hate coke. So it’s much more effective to have less range but have your entire range influenced by it. Implication You can establish some scales

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