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The Accounts To Philippines Phone Number

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The Accounts To Philippines Phone Number

Give them a little push to buy gifts for their father in your physical store or online. How? Deliver discount coupons for registering in your promotion . You can also go the other way: create a promotion in which you distribute prizes to customers who validate their purchase codes Philippines phone number. In this way. You will be encouraging the purchase of certain products on a specific date. Father’s day. To validate your code. Users will have to complete a data form. Therefore. You will also get qualified leads from your customers. This is a very good loyalty strategy . The good thing about this dynamic is that it allows you to combine it with any other: personality quiz . Photo contest. Prize roulette…

Fathers-day-codes hipercor Philippines Phone Number codes campaign 4. Gain followers with giveaways on social networks there is no simpler dynamic and one that attracts a user more than a raffle. Therefore. If your main objective is to gain followers on your facebook. Instagram and/or twitter account. Opt for a direct giveaway. In addition to increasing the number of followers Philippines phone number. You will gain notoriety and increase your engagement . In this case. Users will only have to perform one of the actions that you establish as a requirement to participate. Like the post. Comment. Rt . Etc.

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As we have already told you more than once. It is not valid on social networks and therefore. Your draws must comply with the promotion regulations. These are some of the star dynamics that we suggest you carry out depending on the social network in which you choose to make your father’s Philippines phone number day giveaway. Free giveaway app giveaway on instagram photo raffle using hashtag: what better than the photography social network par excellence for users to share photos of their parents or with them. To identify the participating photos. They must include the hashtag of your action in the publication . Don’t forget to ask them to follow you and to mention one or several friends.

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Upload photo + hashtag + follow + mention comment raffle : this other dynamic will allow you to increase followers and generate engagement . Ask them a question about their parents or ask them to tell you about a quality about them that makes them worthy of the award. Keep in mind that commenting is one of the actions that requires the most effort. Therefore Philippines phone number. If you want participation not to suffer. Try to make them have to answer a simple question . In the event that the prize is very attractive and/or has a notable economic value (travel. Technology…). You can increase the complexity of the participation dynamics.

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It will always be better and more effective. In order to achieve your goal of gaining followers. To combine the two options: easy participation and as a reward. An attractive prize for your target audience Philippines phone number . Comment + follow + mention father’s day giveaway giveaway on instagram from adermaespana giveaway on facebook in addition to increasing the number of followers. Your facebook giveaway will help you improve your engagement . This is the same case of instagram. Ask users to leave a comment to participate. Something that never fails on a date like this is to appeal to feelings and memories . For example.

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