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The 6 vaccines against Covid-19 approved by the WHO ranked by their effectiveness

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The 6 vaccines against Covid-19 approved by the WHO ranked by their effectiveness

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the India Phone Number List urgency to develop vaccines against this new disease became evident. Thanks to previous research on other types of coronavirus and current technology, it was possible to achieve this in India Phone Number List record time. Within a year of the first official contagion, the first doses were ready India Phone Number List to be applied. Although, as in the manufacture of any drug, it was first necessary to strictly follow all international protocols.

In this sense, by obligation all the proposed India Phone Number List immunizations had to pass the three phases of clinical trials. In this way it is ensured that they really work for what they were designed for. While another objective is to verify that they do not India Phone Number List cause serious side effects.With the above in mind, the World Health Organization (WHO) has the power to review all proposed projects to authorize their emergency use. Although pharmaceutical India Phone Number List companies are not required to register their vaccines with the highest authority, it is a process that is recommended.

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Inclusion on the WHO  student mobile list emergency use list allows the India Phone Number List quality, safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines to be assessed and is a prerequisite for vaccine delivery through the COVAX Mechanism. It also allows countries to accelerate their own regulatory approval to import and manage biologicsPrecisely today it was announced that the India Phone Number List Chinese Sinovac obtained world authorization. With this, he joins a group made up of several available options. All have met the main requirement of having an efficacy greater than 50 percent that is required of vaccines against any disease So far the list of options that have been approved by WHO is as follows. The percentage refers to the efficacy against severe phases of the disease. Although India Phone Number List infections can occur, the risk of dying is much lower compared to those who are not immunized..

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