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The 4 priorities of brands in digital marketing for 2015

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The 4 priorities of brands in digital marketing for 2015

The end of the year is very close, so companies are already beginning to think about planning for the following year and before this, there are four priorities on which brands will focus on a global scale according to the study Priorities of companies in marketing digital produced by Econsultancy in collaboration with Teradata .

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Teradata, the company dedicated to data analysis and warehousing tools, undertook the task of investigating which are the areas of digital marketing to which marketers will Namibia Phone Number List pay the most attention, this based on current trends, among which the use of big data to better understand the consumer.

After having interviewed 402 specialists in the discipline, directors of large global organizations from all industries, whose annual income is $ 500 million, Econsultancy’s agency obtained information on the adoption of technologies in their digital marketing strategies and challenges that lie ahead in their companies for 2015. Based on the responses, it was concluded that the top four priorities in this matter are as follows:

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1. Mobile continues to be the main focus of all companies, but especially those with multiple international brands. The use of mobile phones separates consumers from their desks, which is why emphasis is placed on the mobile experience, which will be a trend in 2015.

2. Content , the use of good content in consumer marketing has grown, with the aim of efficient strategies. However, paying for content will become a trend.

3. Digital display is constantly testing its effectiveness Brother Cell Phone List by fire, although the purchase of programmatic advertising will be the key to its growth, since thanks to this a display is more exposed to the target audience.

4. SEO , search optimization is still one of the practices that is given priority, which is affected by factors such as content marketing and the reduction of update in algorithms. However, the planning percentage in this area will be reduced by around 10%.

As a complement, the following graph shows how companies will distribute the budget of each digital marketing channel during 2015 according to the study Priorities of companies in digital marketing .

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