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The 10 best free alternatives to PowerPoint

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The 10 best free alternatives to PowerPoint

PowerPoint reigned for many Phone Number List years as a professional presentation tool … but its status as a leader in the field is increasingly challenged by credible solutions and often more flexible than the behemoth of Microsoft! I suggest you discover the 7 best free alternatives to PowerPoint to make your presentationsPrezi is perhaps the best-known PowerPoint competitor today, with 85 million users. The innovation brought Phone Number List by the tool is to be able to zoom in and out on different areas of the presentation, which brings movement to your presentations. This type of content is perfectly suited to present a concept or explain an operation. On the other

hand, be careful not to abuse the zoom effects so Phone Number List as not to make your audience seasick!.Canva is very well known as a visual creation tool, as I mentioned in my article presenting the solution . But did you know that Canva is also great for creating professional presentations? With a large series of predefined models, you can very easily find what you are looking for! Note that Canva is a little less flexible than Phone Number List PowerPoint for editing (especially for moving slides).Slides is a presentation creation tool whose main advantage is ease of use. You will be able to create your projects in a few minutes thanks to the fast and efficient interface! The other advantage of Phone Number List Slides is that it can also access the presentation on your smartphone or tablet. Convenient for final touch-ups and Phone Number List during meetings.Haiku Deck is also an online pro presentation creation tool. Its main asset is to offer a library of more than 40

Phone Number List

studentmobilelist million royalty-free images that can be used in your Phone Number List presentations! We can also appreciate the models created by thematic and usable directly.In its suite of office tools, Google also offers a competitor to PowerPoint with Google Slides. The advantage is to be able to access it via a dedicated application, as well as the possible links with other Google office tools (Sheets, Docs, etc.). The possibility of collaborating as a team on Phone Number List the same slide simultaneously is also interestingv.Visme is basically a free tool for creating infographics , as I indicated in my previous article. The solution is also very interesting for the creation of slides! The strength is to offer several templates according to your presentation theme, with tools for adding content and very interesting icons.The open Phone Number List source LibreOffice solution also offers presentation software whose interface is very similar to older versions of PowerPoint. The advantage is that you will not be disoriented, and especially that this solution is free!


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