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That Users Know How Having

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That Users Know How Having


the app can improve their lives is a decisive factor when they decide to download it or not on their phones. Do you want to know how you can promote an app with inbound marketing and ASO ? Here we leave you 4 essential steps to carry out an inbound strategy for your app. Advantages of using an ASO strategy According to Apple, search plays a huge role in how users discover apps, with search queries accounting for 65% of App Store downloads . Therefore, we can say that working on ASO directly influences the success or failure of an app .

That is why it is so important to use ASO techniques to position apps in application marketplaces. As is the case with SEO, everyone who applies this type of technique in their applications is rewarded with a Argentina phone number  of advantages that, without a doubt, make an app more competitive and receive many more downloads. The main advantages are: Increased visibility – The better you implement your ASO strategy, the more visibility you will gain and therefore your chances of getting users to download your app will be higher. Organic Downloads – An organic download is one generated directly from app stores, without any external influence (Social Ads, Search Ads, Mobile Ads, etc.).

Increase Your Revenue Typically

the most common way to generate revenue from apps is through PPC (advertising per click). The more visibility you get, the higher your chances of getting clicks. Less competition : It is a relatively new market and the competition is still low. The number of apps that develop ASO positioning is much lower, for example, than SEO positioning in web search engines. Little investment : as you will see below, carrying out an ASO positioning strategy is based on following a series of steps that do not require much cost or investment. We will have to pay for some tools, just like in SEO positioning, but this type of strategy is available to everyone.

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As you can see, improving the ASO strategy is necessary to improve positioning, improve. Your position within the search results in app stores and start making money with apps. If we combine ASO positioning techniques with a functional, fast and well-application, success is. This is a relatively new discipline (to others) within Digital Marketing. However, few companies take it into account in their app marketing strategies. For this reason, carrying out a good ASO strategy will. Allow us to hit the table and differentiate ourselves from the competition.

The Evolution Of Marketing

social networks and technology is leading to a real process of transformation and adaptation for companies. Taking advantage of the new opportunities that they bring with them is joining the path of change. Social networks have become a fundamental tool for interaction between people. In addition, they have been as great allies when it comes to growing your business and making yourself known globally.

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