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Benefits Of Using Storytelling In Digital Marketing

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Benefits Of Using Storytelling In Digital Marketing

The term storytelling has become very fashionable in recent years, and although it is a fairly old technique, it has recently become one of the most innovative techniques when it comes to communicating. But what is storytelling? It is an Anglo-Saxon expression that, as its name indicates, means: story and telling . It basically consists of narrating in an attractive way a series of events or concepts, which leaves an apprenticeship or kind of “moral” at the end. Telling stories is an art, stories are told to attract, no one, in any case, decides to tell a story so that they do not pay attention to it.

Telling a story is much more effective than saying or telling something without any grace and without much thought, you attract much more audience by working on a narrative about what you want to say, and Hong kong phone number will attract many more people, the audience prefers to be told what they have to find out in the simplest way possible. And it seeks to achieve a change in the viewer, awaken emotions and create an emotional bond with him, this is very common when creating a relationship between a brand and its customers when transmitting their values.

The Objective Of These Types Of Tools

is to connect emotionally with the viewer using a narrated story about our history, values, etc. as a means of doing so. If with this story we get, for example, that the public feels identified or that they see in us a story of overcoming, they will be able to empathize with us much more than if they read an article that tells how we grew as a company with a neutral approach. Benefits of storytelling 1. retention The public better retains a message that through a narrative and that has told a story than any other banal message.

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If you had to remember one advertisement among many. You would surely remember the one that connected with you. And made you feel something, the one that emotionally touched you the most. 2. Confidence A brand that carries out a storytelling to get its clients a part. Of them that helps them to know more about their history, manages to increase their trust in it. Because the company has dedicated its time. And has made an effort to create a different content. for your users. Besides, if you have dedicated that effort. To making your public know more about the company,

It Is Because You Have Nothing To Hide

which provides transparency since it tells how the company was and , without secrets. 3. Humanization With all this, what you achieve is to humanize your brand, your audience. Will stop seeing you as a cold entity and will begin to perceive you as a person. Or a group of people who also feel and suffer, just like them. Appealing to feelings is the key action. In this type of marketing techniques. 4. Participating public If you have your buyer person well. You will know how to connect with them and how to tell your story so that it is.

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