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Like All Social Networks


Facebook also has its own algorithm. In his case it is called edgerank and it is one of the best rated algorithms right now. Do you want to know how it works? Keep reading! Edgerank: the Facebook algorithm Like all algorithms, what Edgerank does is base itself on a series of parameters and metrics to first show some content or others. For example, Google, with its algorithm, what it does is establish which web pages appear in its first search results. In other words, the Google algorithm is responsible for organic positioning in your search engine. On the other hand, Edgerank the SEO of Facebook since it fulfills the same function as the Google algorithm .

In fact, they are quite similar except that instead of establishing the order of the websites after a search, what determines the EdgeRank is the appearance or not of our Facebook posts on the wall of our followers. Therefore, knowing how this algorithm works will help us a lot if Bulgaria mobile phone numbers have positioned ourselves in this social network. As we have commented in some other post , every inbound marketing strategy goes through the development of a social media strategy. “What is not does not exist”, and this is the case with marketing strategies.

The More Present We Are Where Our Audience

the more opportunities we have to succeed and grow our business. For this reason, the strategy in social networks is a very important phase of the marketing process of our company. However, positioning ourselves in social networks does not mean that we should be in each and every one of them, since this will generate a cost of resources and time. It would be enough to appear and have a presence in those used by the target audience, which we have defined in the objectives of our marketing plan. If we have decided to launch ourselves, therefore, into the world of positioning in social networks,

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we will to discover that the two most social networks worldwide are Instagram and Facebook. Therefore, being present in at least one of them will help our brand a lot. In addition, the good thing about social networks like Facebook is that they have a very wide range in the age of their users, which will mean that there will always be an audience of our target audience in them. But, sometimes it is not enough to have a presence on Facebook, we must also know a little about its algorithm. If edgerank is what determines which posts appear on the wall of our followers and which do not,

We Are Intereste In Knowing How

it works since we not only want to be part of this social network. But also for users to get to know us through it. What are the keys to edgerank? Nobody knows the exact operation of Facebook EdgeRank. Or what all the influence parameters are, nor the weight of each one of them in the final formula. This makes it somewhat more complex to know act with algorithm. But we do know three basic factors that over time, from the investigation of its operation: Affinity. One of the most determining aspects is the degree of interaction. The user and the person or company that publishes or creates the content.

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