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Social media can save baseball from dying of aging

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Social media can save baseball from dying of aging

This Wednesday, October 29, the seventh game of the Major League Baseball World Series will be played in the United States , despite being one of the most important events in the sport, the confrontation between the Kansas City Royals and the Giants of San Francisco has not caught Benin Phone Number List the audience in that country, since according to The New York Times the average per game has been 12.4 million viewers.

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This figure is much lower than the average viewers of the regular season games of NFL football, much of the decline in the taste for the so-called ‘King of sports’ is due to the fact that it has become a discipline that is not It has adapted to the new times and most of its followers are older people.

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According to a Nielsen report, cited by Click Z, the profile of baseball fans is of white men over 55 years of age , while those of the NFL are of white men between 35 and 54 years of age. This indicates that Major League Baseball teams must increase their presence in the digital world to attract more young fans.

One of these Major League Baseball digital efforts can be found on YouTube, where the league has the FanCave channel , which has more than 7 million views, where funny videos related to the protagonists of this discipline are broadcast.

According to Bill Kanarick, specialist in social media issues, baseball teams should be fully involved in technology, providing internet connection in their stadiums, promoting Brother Cell Phone List their players to use social networks and, above all, seeking to reach Millennials with strategies in which athletes and teams are close to them and interact with them.

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