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Since The Development Of New Technologies

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Since The Development Of New Technologies

The rise of the Internet, the traditional marketing methodology has changed. That is why marketing has had to adapt to new circumstances and welcome the technological revolution. Inbound and outbound marketing are both marketing strategies that seek more or less the same thing but differ in the way of obtaining results. Know the main differences and decide on the best methodology that actually leads you to meet your business objectives. Definition of inbound and outbound These two concepts were born at the same time, in 2005, to name the inbound

marketing methodology and differentiate it from traditional marketing methods (outbound marketing). Inbound and outbound marketing are two opposing methodologies that share a great Honduras cell phone numbers goal : generate traffic, leads and, ultimately, sales for your company. What is that background you share? The background is clear, both intend to draw the attention of users in order to hire our products or services. Inbound marketing tries to focus all its efforts on contacting the user and the potential customer.

It’s About Developing Tactic

s to engage, engage, and delight in order to increase sales, deliver a satisfying digital experience, and build strong customer relationships. Communication is interactive, in two directions, which makes it possible to establish contact and learn first-hand about the needs and opinions of potential customers. In addition, interaction can be generated through different digital media such as blogs or social networks. Through creativity, it seeks to inform and entertain a target audience. For this, it is necessary to define our buyer person and know how we can satisfy their needs with our content, product or service.

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This process provides added value to the user, since it not only shows the product, but also integrates relevant content that interests the consumer and is useful for their day-to-day activities. And finally, the inbound methodology includes digital tools that help us to quantify and analyze the results obtained, which makes it possible to check the performance of the actions established throughout the entire process and redirect the strategy in the event that they do not meet the requirements. marked expectations. Outbound marketing on the brand and product,

On Showing Its Characteristics And Benefits

but leaves aside the explanation of its usefulness for the user, and above all and more importantly. It does not take into account the needs of the user. So It can be annoying since it looks for and interrupts. The client when they have not requested information on any of the products or services. Which makes it a cold contact with the client. To attract the public and draw their attention. They do it through traditional media such as radio or television. Which does not generate any type of interaction between the consumer and the brand. His main objective sell and this is shown directly with his commercial approach.

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