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Have You Heard Of The Sales Funnel?

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Have You Heard Of The Sales Funnel?


What flywheel marketing is looking for is to replace the sales funnel that we have been using habitually with a wheel (circle) that turns constantly. Let’s explain how it works! What is flywheel marketing? Flywheel marketing is a new concept that has landed very strong in the inbound marketing sector. But, to understand it, we must first know how the sales funnel or marketing funnel works. Let’s review it. The marketing funnel or sales funnel is a concept that is used especially in marketing when we launch an online web page and can even be applied to blogs or forums

That have a commercial intention, that is, to achieve a final sale. after having gone through a series of phases that go on to convert users into our clients. A sales funnel is, therefore, the process that a brand Bosnia and herzegovina phone number follow from when users come to it in search of information until this user becomes a customer, and therefore, a sale for our online website of some kind. of our products or services. We could say then that the marketing funnel is the way to create a sales process whose main objective is the funnel.

If We Imagine It Visually

it has the shape of a funnel in which all actions towards the final objective: the client. The marketing and sales funnel is based on attracting a large number of users (capturing leads) in the first phases of contact with the brand. A somewhat smaller number go on to the next phases of deepening and finally, even fewer users become end customers. Since there are fewer people in each phase than in the previous one, the resulting scheme is funnel-shaped. The main phases you go through to build a sales funnel are: TOFU: It will be the highest part of our sales funnel. It refers to the first stage of the sale, the attraction phase.

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When users begin to consider that they need to find a solution to their problem or need and start looking for brands, that is where the work of the first phase comes into play since the user still does not know anything about our products or services. MOFU: in this second stage, the decision stage, the user has already decided what type of product or service they need to solve the problem for which they have been seeking help in the first phase of our sales funnel. However, you still need to consider various options before making a decision: take into account the prices offered by our competition for the same services, for example.

This Stage Is Key To Determining If Our User

will finally become a lead, that is, it is the first business opportunity that we will have. BOFU: this period corresponds to the end of the funnel, where the user has already become a lead and will make a purchase of our products or services. It is at this moment when commercial strategies come into action and we will have to offer the best of our brand to achieve a highly satisfactory sale. However, to innovate this concept a bit , Hubspot launched an initiative, decided to turn it around and design it in a different way: instead of a funnel, it would be a circle in which customers would be in the center.

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