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Salary of doctors in Mexico and Spain, how much is the difference?

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Salary of doctors in Mexico and Spain, how much is the difference?

There is a close relationship Hong Kong Phone Number List between Mexico and Spain for historical reasons. They are shared from customs to language. Although it must also be recognized that there are many differences such as quality of life. It is a Hong Kong Phone Number List situation that is present in different areas and that includes health professionals. The salary of a doctor differs considerably from one nation to another, although in the end the same activities are Hong Kong Phone Number List carried out in

both countriesIn the first instance, one in 10 respondents stated that their income suffered a decrease of up to 25 percent during 2020. In some cases it was due to the health Hong Kong Phone Number List crisis that spread to the economic sphere. While in others it was caused by the additional expenses that each one had to do. Some of them had to buy disinfectants and even Hong Kong Phone Number List Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to use in hospitals.In the end it was found that the average salary of a Hong Kong Phone Number List general practitioner in Spain is 45 thousand euros per year.

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The figure is equivalent to one student mobile list million 097 thousand pesos. While when making the division it is just over 91 thousand Hong Kong Phone Number List pesos per monthBased on an investigation published in the Emeequis magazine, a general practitioner from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) earns between 7,941 pesos and 8,367 pesos tax-free per month. That means a tenth of what their colleagues in Spain get With regard Hong Kong Phone Number List to specialists, the salary is 47 thousand euros per year. That represents around one million 145 thousand 788 pesos. While it represents a monthly payment of around 95 thousand pesoThe study also indicates Hong Kong Phone Number List that eight out of 10 doctors in Spain consider that their pay is less than it should be. But now the important thing is to make a comparison with what happens in our country..

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