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Replies to “The 13 best free software to send a large file by email” all number data

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Replies to “The 13 best free software to send a large file by email” all number data


There is  all number data no longer any need to introduce Google’s file storage solution, but did you know that it can also be used to send files by email. This is the default solution offered by Gmail, which is useful if the person also uses Google mailDropSend offers the ability to send files up to 8GB for free, which is higher than most of its competitors. And the other  all number data big advantage is that the sending data is secured

by encryption. Knowing that this is a more all number data  technical solution, the interface is a little less intuitive than the competition.TransferNow is one of those large file transfer solutions that are good in several aspects, but not really stand out in one all number data  particular. It is thus a good compromise, with a very interesting freeA very good tool which  all number data has the particularity of allowing a file to be sent via a QR code so that it can be downloaded on mobile. It’s very simple, but depending on your needs, it can be very

studentmobilelist  Like Google Drive, Dropbox is one of the all number data  best-known and most successful cloud tools on the market. you can very easily share a folder via a link, which can be handy for large items.not American with all that implies (data security, ecological and economic aberration of forwarding information to another continent), like WeTransfer which does not even  all number data bother to translate its general conditions of use into French. all number dataI don’t know about Smash, but I’m embarrassed all number data  that the data is on Amazon servers (which I’m boycotting as much as possible). Grosfichiers a Swiss SARL which hosts its files on servers in France and Switzerland. It is possible to transfer up to 4 GB for free for  all number data 14 days and there is a link to change the hosting time, view downloads, etc. I all number data  find it very

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